It started off all right. I had just passed the shoe repair. Early evening street
and fluorescent lights beamed down, slight flicker. Harold
was working the counter, hands pressed straight ahead
looking at a lady customer her purse solid red directly in front of bosom.
The sidewalk was wide here the city redid them just last year.   
They tore out the tree roots lifting the old sidewalk, hatched the tops
And leveled the cement, it was still clean, unstained from walking dirt, sucker
sticks eaten, just fluff of hard candy, stuck in giant ears smelling waxy sweet.


Lit by bit

bit by bit

on the wisp wind side of a rifle kite,

going down the rabbit..

shit no, that be a froggy hole

ribbit. ribbit.

in deficit, requisite, lincoln did, I killed sid, romance bid, merry go round

‘who sank all night in submarine light’

full of delight and fear, near

waistcoat and frill

adios nil, life, as I know it.

I did it.